A Canine Opines and Responds to Amelia’s Last Post

Amelia’s secretary here. After her snarky comments in her last post regarding a certain search and rescue canine (and her human) and the less than enthusiastic apology she extended to said canine, in the interest of fairness (and goodwill to all creatures) I am posting the very gracious response from Rike (a very polite and elegant German Shepherd).

Rika_1Amelia:  no apology necessary. I’ve had very little acquaintance with felines, but if you are any example of the species, I am quite impressed. Your interest in SAR is also admirable. Some creatures just seem to get lost and get into all kinds of trouble. Jawohl?

BTW my furparents brought this little thing home recently (see photo):  I don’t think it’s a cat but it’s too small to be a dog. It follows me everywhere!

Rike and new friend

I’m going to bed. Have to get up early for 7/4 Parade.
Guten nacht – your friend, Rike

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