Farewell to a Hero Cat

Dear Friends,

Cheeto from the Missing Pet Parntership

Cheeto from the Missing Pet Parntership

I received news to day that the amazing and wonderful cat, Cheeto from Missing Pet Partnership has passed away. Noted below is the letter I received from one of the human assistants at Missing Pet Partnership.  If you loved  Cheeto’s story as much as I did and, if you want to help two-legged folks find their four-legged friends, I urge you to send a donation in Cheeto’s memory.





Dear Amelia and “staff”, I wanted to thank you for your awesome and amazing letter to Cheeto and Kat! I posted it on Missing Pet Partnership’s FB page. I also wanted to let you know that shortly after we received your kind letter, Cheeto passed away suddenly…we are very sad, but your letter made us feel so good about Cheeto’s accomplishments, and we thank you sincerely for writing about him! And thank you for sending folks to our website…we need donations now more than ever, and we’re working hard on our new website and other education and training initiatives to help lost animals all around the world.

Thank you again, for your kind letter. It has helped us get through these dark days, and we will be able to remember Cheeto as the great working cat that he was.

Missing Pet Partnership board of directors


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