Yo Friskies, What’s Up with the Feline 50??!!

Amelia has her whiskers in a twist again.

Amelia has her whiskers in a twist again.

Dear Friskies,
It was brought to my attention by my purrrrrsonal assistant that you have released a list called, “The Friskies 50, THE definitive guide to the most influential cats on the internet.” ¬†First, let me commend you for taking the time to honor the many fantastic felines on the internet however, I do have my whiskers in a bit of a twist that my name was nowhere to be found on this list.

I am not so vain as to think that I can compete with Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow (may he rest in peace), Lil Bub and the hero kitty, Tara. Nevertheless, I must express my wonder at some of the other winners.

Let’s look at a few of these Frisky Fab Fifty. There’s the “mean cat” Sparta. His Facebook page contains a prominent photo of him sinking his teeth into a hapless human. Hardly what I would call newsworthy or feline fantastic.

Then there’s City the Kitty. Her Facebook page declares her as a “public figure”. Really?? Some random cat candids are a far cry from making any feline a Facebook pubic figure.

Now Hamilton the Hipster cat is a pretty cool cat. I like his permanent milk mustache and he reminds me a lot of my housemate Tucker (both guys could do with a little “kitty tuna lite” if you catch my drift).

As I pawed through the list, I noticed a few other interesting things. #50, Cat Food Breath proclaims himself as an “entertainer”, Mayor Stubbs has listed himself as a politician, Luna, #15 is a top model kitty and Sam Has Eyebrows, #31 lists himself as an entertainer ( I say anyone who looks that much like Charlie Chaplin should call themselves an entertainer!)

So all you feline loving folks at Friskies, I have given instructions to my purrrrrsonal assistant to advise you of my awesomeness and, motivated and inspired by the descriptions other cats have used on their Facebook pages, I changed mine to “journalist” because I am one of the very few felines with a blog.

May all your postings be snarky,