The Tale Of A Truly Courageous Kitty

Cheeto from the Missing Pet Parntership

Cheeto from the Missing Pet Parntership

Although I am of the feline purrrsuasion, I am not a feline who discriminates. I believe all God’s creatures should try to get along (OK, perhaps I owe apologies to the little birds and pine squirrels I may have frightened). And although I am an “equal opportunity feline”, I do find one segment of the canine population a bit hard to bear. It’s those self-important search and rescue dogs and their humans. Look at any photo (as evidenced here) posing proudly with their macho dogs. The dogs sport brightly colored vests announcing their superiority as “search & rescue” members and all sport a smug, self-satisfied grin (the dogs, not the humans). Whoops, my secretary just told me I must extend apologies to her friend MR and her canine search and rescue friend. Fine…sorry.

My staff's friend with her rescue dog.

My staff’s friend with her rescue dog.

But, let’s get back to the important stuff. No longer do the cats of the world have to feel like second-class citizens who do not contribute their fair share. It’s a new era in search and rescue my friends. The felines have arrived! Meet Cheeto (and watch his video), the first search and rescue cat. This brave feline trains canines to find lost kitties. Never again will kitties, gone astray and far from home be chased further into foreign territory by barking, nipping dogs. Canines are being schooled in the proper method of finding frightened felines and Cheeto is leading the pack.

I acknowledge and admire Cheeto’s bravery I mean just getting to the training site is every cat’s worst nightmare and requires bravery this cat can hardly imagine. The minute my staff brings the cat carrier into the house, I skedaddle. And, if they are nimble or sneaky enough to catch me, I will turn myself into “wood kitty”, stretching all four legs out and making it nearly impossible to stuff me into the offending container. If the humans are determined enough to prevail, once they zip me into the expensive soft sided carrier, I will show my displeasure by leaving a sign of my unhappiness on the soft sheepskin lining of the bottom of the carrier. Then there’s the car ride, a literal “hell on wheels” for most kitties. I won’t even go there. Cheeto, if I wore a hat I would tip it in your honor.

So folks, let’s give a cheer to Cheeto and his feline search and rescue buddies. I am asking all my faithful readers to pass the word about Kat Albrecht (the original Pet Detective) and the Missing Pet Partnership. I know if I were lost, my humans and I would be very grateful that these folks helped get me home.

Stay safe kitties,